Picture above is my childhood! :)

Soheil SH (SOh3!L)

A Geek!

Im in love with GNU/Linux and FOSS!
I watch movies and tvshows a lot!
I have my own belifes!

About me

  • GNU/Linux

    My story with GNU/Linux!

    Sorry if my english is a bit buggy! :D (a bit bad!)
    It all starts when MSWindows gets boring to me! so i decided to install Hackintosh (Hacked Mac OS) on my PC and Laptop! I tried to install it, but it didnt work and it was very buggy! After a while, i discovered there is an operating system called GNU/Linux! I googled and i read articles about it and i liked it so much! :D So i decided to install ubuntu! At first, i installed Ubuntu 10.04 and i didnt like it! And again after a while working with the stupid windows i installed ubuntu 11.04 and i started to love it! and after then i was falling in love with it! :D and now i became to an ubuntu geek (in terms of my own). I worked with other gnu/linux distros but i find ubuntu much better then the others! I manage Gnu/Linux servers, do some beginner bash scripting!

  • About my other skills




  • Shell

  • Server admin

  • Other GNU/Linux skills!


  • Python

  • C++

  • Shell scripting


  • vBulletin

  • WordPress

  • Php/Sql

  • Javascript

  • HTML

  • CSS

Graphics and media

  • Photoshop

  • Flash

  • Corel Draw

My english blog

  • English blog

    2014,04,30 - 02:27PM
    Category: About blog

    Hi :)
    I don‘t think if i will update this blog any more! :( because my english isn‘t good enough...

  • Google plus

    2014,02,10 - 03:10PM
    Category: About me, About blog

    I was working on the SEO of UF, and i created a google plus page for it (i heard its good for seo and ranking...) and when i was browsing around, i really really liked it! :) it wasn't like fb and twitter, it was diffrent...
    so i decided to create my personal g+ page... this is the link of my g+:
    and this is uf g+ page:
    If you are logged in to google, i appreciate it if you + uf page and follow my personal page :)
    (I know about my bad english! :D :P sorry!)

  • First post

    2013,11,14 - 07:00PM
    Category: About blog

    Hi! :)
    This is the first post of my english blog!
    This blog is for sharing english staff with friends on the web...

Contact info

  • Email: soheil.sh.gm@gmail.com
  • Y! ID: soheil_fake
  • Google+: Link
  • Website: www.soheil.id.ir

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